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I have loved clay since the first time I touched it.


This work is an exploration of porcelain and surface. After a 10 year hiatus from working with clay I began again with different clay, glazes and firing techniques. I began to shift my wheel skills and surfaces from 35 years of experience to this new way of working. Learning the nuances of porcelain and developing glazes that suited this new work has been quite the adventure.


I strive to design surfaces and glazes that compliment forms, be they combinations of glazes, carving or sgraffito. I both wheel throw and hand build and like to combine these ways of working with clay. The surfaces are varied to bring a vision to life and by what will sit beautifully on the form.

Drawing from mythology, my experiences exploring the world, geometry and history I strive to make work that will be pleasing to the eye as well as to your touch.

I hope you enjoy this work.  Thank you for visiting the site.

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